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Prominent Cuban analyst visited Buenos Aires
June 5th, 2017
From 29 may to 2 June, Professor Juan Antonio Blanco, Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, visited Buenos Aires.

Durante su estadía en la capital de la República Argentina, el Dr. Blanco mantuvo reuniones con analistas, funcionarios y referentes sociales, participó como expositor en dos eventos en la sede de CADAL y en una charla en una universidad privada, y brindó una entrevista al principal portal informativo.

Juan Antonio Blanco

Dr Juan Antonio Blanco disserted about “The likely paths of the current Cuban situation and its impact on the region”, before officials, legislative advisers and analysts, at CADAL’s headquarters.

Juan Antonio Blanco

At the UCA, professor Blanco made a presentation before students in political sciences and international relations.

Juan Antonio Blanco

Dr Blanco gave the last lesson of the seminar “Foreign policy and Human Rights”, at CADAL’s headquarters.

Juan Antonio Blanco

Dr Blanco, in addition to being university professor, was for two decades diplomat at the UN (New York) and Bolivia, as well as analyst of the relations between the United States of America and Cuba, for the American Department of Cuban Communist Party’s Central Committee. Over these years, he had a direct access to some of the main leaders of the Cuban process. In exile, he also worked with several opposition organizations and the Cuban diaspora. He is the current Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba.


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