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Two reform proposals for membership in the UN human rights council
Gabriel C. Salvia y Matthias Peschke
Cubans’ motorcycle diary woes
Sybil Rhodes
It’s time to set limits to Cuban Dictatorship
Gabriel C. Salvia
Press Releases
Solidarity with Bahraini detained activist Nabeel Rajab
On July 10th, Nabeel Rajab, one of the most renowned activists in Bahrain, was sentenced to two years in prison for charges related to a TV show in which he allegedly spreads rumors and false information about the country's current situation that undermine the prestige of the state.
Press Releases
Václav Havel Institute
Conclusions of the Warsaw Dialogue for Democracy
A crisis in the human rights concept in the begining of the 21st century
Unusual Alliance: Cuban-Argentine Relations in Geneva, 1976-1983
China: ¿business or human rights?

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